Meteoruniversity is not a "university" by definition. We are not a degree-granting institution. We chose the name "meteoruniversity" because we think the ideals of a university match our needs. We want to help people to help them selves.

This place is volunteer based. No one's getting paid "by money". If anyone benefits from this channel, they need to "pay forward" in the form of a blog post describing what they've learned, or answer a few questions on the forums or on stack overflow. The idea is, be helpful to others, be a part of and grow the community.

Meteor University Manifesto:

  1. This is not a tutoring organization. It is a mentoring place. You ask a question, your mentor will point you in the right direction and it is your job to go find and learn it.
  2. This is a group effort.
  3. We believe that "pair programming" is a very good use case for these 'how do I do/solve this?' moments:
    1. you are working on an actual project, so no "theoretical" stuff.
    2. you have no problem with your project and code being publicly viewable on a youtube video
    3. you have no problem with the mentor being able to access your code base (temporarily)
    4. you have a broadband connection so that you can share your desktop the whole time in acceptable quality
  4. When you join, say hi in the #general room. That's where you will ask your questions and also answer other people.
  5. This is not a paid event. Everything is open and based on sharing. So after every session you were in, you should find a way to pay back to the community. Perhaps you can write a blog post on our blog site about what you have learned that week as a good start. Answer a few questions on the forum or stackoverflow. Just do your best to share.
  6. There are very limited number of seats, so if you cannot commit to all this, please don't join yet. Perhaps later when you can.