How and where do you meet?
We have a slack channel for which you can ask for an invitation. We use that regularly to discuss a host of topics. And we also try to host weekly live hangouts that get publicly streamed to our youtube channel, during which we discuss topics and sometimes peer code on problems.

What should you expect after joining?
First off, we are here to help each other and it's our top priority.

What kind of help can you find here?
What we do here is mentoring and guidance. We try to help you find the answer yourself. For example, when somebody asks a question here, our favorite answer is did you read the docs? and you know what, it is often in the docs and while you read the docs, you not only find your answer, but learn other things as well.

What do we mean with docs?
Actually there are too many docs, tutorials, blog posts etc. This is where this slack channel comes in handy. We try to tell you what to look at, which doc to read, how to think about a problem, what some alternatives may be.

Who does the heavy lifting?
We know exactly where to point you, but it is up to you to go do the work.

What kind of help will you not find here?
We don't answer specific questions with specific code fixes.

So, no specific questions at all?
Of course there are times you will ask some specific questions and you will probably get an answer. But that will be too specific and will not benefit the broader community in this channel.

Where can I seek help for specific code questions?
Asking such specific questions on the Meteor Forums and on Stack Overflow is much better because those places are designed to operate that way. But please, don't let this discourage you. In fact the main purpose of this channel is to encourage you! So our preference is to encourage you to find the answer on your own while helping you not get lost. Indeed you can always ask a question on either the Forums (opinion-based questions) or Stack Overflow (coding-oriented ones) and post a link on our slack channel, letting us know, and some of us can jump in on those threads.

What if I've been hopelessly stuck with my Meteor app?
(Almost) every week, we give one person from the group live coding assistance on google hangouts on air (recorded and publicly available). You just raise a hand, describe your problem, we immediately begin discussing it on slack and if need be, when it is your turn, we share a one hour session with you possibly on Friday/Saturday where the mentor tries to help solve your problems within that hour. And that person definitely has to pay forward after the session ;)

Does it mean I have to pay to use this channel?
This initiative is literally "free"! No-one earns a single penny. We thought it would be smart to have a centralized knowledge base, though. So we decided to create this blog at meteoruniversity.org. As a payback to our work and the community, we encourage you to write about your learning experience. So if you learned/archieved something you could not solve by a Google search, it would be nice if you spared the time to write about the problem and your solution, so that others with the same problem could now find the answer. That's paying forward!

Yep, fair enough. How do I do that?
Ask one of the admins (@christbkk, @kaiyes, @ric0, @robfallows, @sakulstra, @serkandurusoy) for write access on the blog and they will gladly help out.

What else should I know?
Check out our manifesto!