What is this all about?


A few months ago (some day in January 2016) a young developer asked in the meteor forums if someone would assist him learning meteor. He specifically asked for some sort of mentor.

The fist few answers were kind of disappointing in sort of - there's probably no chance:

(...)it will be very difficult to find experienced Meteor devs willing to help out unless they're getting paid, and paid well.(...)

Or at least just a redirection to #irc, forums and some slack channels.

Just a day later Serkan stepped in and answered:

I've been developing on Meteor for slightly more than 3 years now and I'd learned a lot from the community. I'd like to pay back. If you are open to receiving the mentoring openly, let's do it here on the forum or somewhere appropriate and still open, where others could also contribute. We could lay some ground rules to keep noise to a minimum.

This answer somehow started a whole community of node/meteor developers helping each others out via live coding, discussion/explanation hangouts and even plain old text guides via slack.

And now?

Half a year later we're still a steady growing group of node developers taking about nearly everything inside and outside node world.

Being part of this

If you want to get part of this group just tell us something about you and why you want to join, but keep in mind that we aren't a paid service. We're just a bunch of developers helping out each other.