A new home

In the last months our articles through various channels, making it hard to track the current status. So we decided to move our content to a centralized place.

Why are u using Ghost and don't build this yourself in meteor?!

There's a lot of discussion about topics like this (just search for "discourse" in the meteor forums :/), but apparently we try to use Meteor as a problem solver - not a problem producing mechanism. Meteor is great for what it is - a platform for real time applications. SEO in Meteor is hard - possible but still hard - to archive. The price per user is - due to awesome realtime features - still high compared to other tools. So it isn't really suitable for an application which consists out of a few more or less static pages and probably not more than an article per month.

Who creates the content on this page?

Whoever want's - the only requirement is, that you're active in out #meteor-mentor slack channel. Just drop a message to @sakulstra and ask for write access.

Lukas Strassel

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